Transformation of a small apartment: 46m² for family holidays

A small apartment in a mountain resort was completely transformed by opening up the space by tearing down the existing partition walls

With glass partitions, functional zoning and play with materials, a modern, relaxing residence for a family holiday has been created.

The interior of the apartment in the well-known mountain resort was created at the request of the client to design a functional place for the vacation of a family of three, in order to combine the qualities of life in the city and in nature.

Studio New How from the Czech Republic began the challenge of remodeling a small space, taking into account all its specifics and limitations, Telegrafi reports.

The transformation of the small apartment began with the demolition of the partition walls and the installation of a glass partition

The transformation began by freeing up the space, that is, by tearing down all the existing dividing walls, except for the bathroom, which opened up the view from the whole apartment and brought much more light into it.

Although the spatial organization has not fundamentally changed, the removal of massive partitions gave the space a completely new character and an atmosphere of lightness and airiness.

Zoning and functional extension in the open living environment is achieved through thoughtful positioning of furniture, use of colors and wall coverings.

Among the materials used, oak wood dominates in a contrast of natural and dark shades, used to make custom furniture, as well as ceiling and wall coverings. The continuous repetition of the same material in two additional related shades created spatial continuity.

The beautiful design of the hand-blown crystal pendant brings a unique beauty to the interior of the apartment

A moment of drama, effective and unexpected, is brought to the minimalist design space by the luxurious handmade pendants.

With functional organization and practical solutions, the available space is used to the maximum

A large storage space has been designed with special attention, so that ventilation and unrestricted environment are preserved, and the family has enough space for all their belongings.

The night area, the parents’ bedroom, is separated by a full-height sliding glass partition, which provides the necessary quietness and partial isolation and at the same time supports the concept of openness and transparency of the space.

Both the bedroom and the living room have direct access to the terrace, which allows direct contact with the magical mountain environment.

The bathroom has kept its dimensions and layout, but has been modernized and designed in line with the rest of the interior.

Oversized tiles in a concrete pattern, mirrors and a reduced design of straight lines made the bathroom seem more spacious, and thanks to the wood and lighting used here, even warmer.

The opening of the space, the overlapping functions and the play with the materials have created a modern functional apartment from a typical mountain apartment, which connects different aspects of the urban and mountain lifestyle and meets the needs of a family vacation.

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