A house with a large veranda, a very large pool and an unusual roof, inspired by a castle

The unusual house that follows the sloping terrain attracts attention with its sloping and broken roof, under which verandas and a large swimming pool are hidden

The house is set back on a traditional stone foundation towards the remains of the old castle, offering a fantastic view of the whole area.

On steep terrain, in a dense forest and with a dramatic view of the ruins of the Tung Fort, near the city of Pune, India, sits the Lateral Verandah house, designed by local studio Malik Architecture

A sloping broken roof covers a large veranda and a large swimming pool

The characteristic broken roof covers a large, open veranda as well as closed spaces grouped in several segments, following the fall of the terrain and the stairs that connect the parts of the house.

The sheet metal roof is placed on a metal structure and is cut in certain places to allow light to enter or trees to pass through.

Leaning metal beams and columns alternate with tree trunks, similar to the forest that surrounds them.

“The roof follows the stairs, adapting to the gradual change of levels”, explain the architects.

In this part of India, the climate is distinct, especially considering the strong wind currents that swirl due to the terrain configuration. Monsoons are violent, while rain rarely falls vertically due to the accompanying wind, which is an additional argument for this type of roof structure.

Inspired by an old castle, the foundation of the house is built on a stone base

Accented views towards Tung Castle bring dynamism to spaces designed for rest and relaxation. “There are allusions to the environment and the past everywhere,” Malik Architecture points out.

Referring to the historic fort, the Side Porch House is built on a plinth of raw basalt stone, which slopes down the slope to create a gradual shift in levels.

The house is organized on two floors, with bedrooms and technical rooms located on the stone base, as well as a living area with access to large terraces occupying the bright and open upper floor.

Alternating and gently rolling as they move down the slope, these living spaces are bounded to the north by a large swimming pool and a wide terrace around it.

Full-height windows and glass doors covered by wooden screens allow the downstairs bedrooms to open onto a sheltered terrace around a large tree.

The contrasts of the exterior are transferred to the interior. The upper levels have a minimal, contemporary finish of glass and white walls, while the lower level is defined by exposed stone walls and concrete.

This unusual house is a fantastic combination of modern and traditional, luxurious and practical, with an artistically designed form that perfectly follows the morphology and conditions of the terrain, carefully adapting human needs to the natural environment.

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